October in the Salento: all the events

October in the Salento: all the events

Welcome October! This is the month that officially heralds the arrival of autumn.

The Salento is undoubtedly a fortunate place, endowed as it is by a mild and favourable climate for most of the year. . It has even been known to bless us with good days in early October.

In addition to the good weather, the Salento also puts on a rich and diverse calendar of events come October. From music events to celebrations, concerts and local fairs: in this article we’re going to review all the events that you just cannot miss!

  • The preview of the Strade Maestre Festival on 9 October.
    This project from Koreja launches the 2019/2020 Strade Maestre Festival with a preview by BESTSUD. Two events are on the program. Una storia di impossibilità on 9 October and La Nave va on 16 October.
  • The new season of the Camerata Musicale Salentina will start on 10 October.
    A grand preview with free admission. On 10 October, at the Church of Sant’Irene, the new season of the Camerata Musicale Salentina – a Salento music ensemble – will be inaugurated with the symphony orchestra of the Tito Schipa Conservatory. This year is the 50th anniversary.
  • The Sagra de la Volia Cazzata in Martano from 13 to 20 October.
    The 30th year of one of the most anticipated events of the autumn in the Salento will be put on in partnership with the “Io non mollo” – I Won’t Give Up – charity association this year. It is organising the “IO NON MOLLO DAY”, a musical evening dedicated to charity.
  • “Lampante. Gallipoli città dell’olio” – Lampante Oil, Gallipoli the city of oil – until 3 November.
    An exhibition dedicated to celebrating that which is called “liquid gold” – olive oil. From the beginning of the 16th century, it was thanks to the trade of lampante oil, inferior quality olive oil used as lamp oil, that the town of Gallipoli made its fortune.
  • These are just a few events planned for October in the Salento. An autumn filled with events for people who are visiting or coming on holiday to this wonderful region, during this magical season.
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